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When you need to get additional help on concepts in this course, we recommend the following priority, though of course this will also depend on your own preference!

  1. Search/Post on Ed Discussions and/or Teams
  2. Participate in Office Hours. No scheduling necessary, just drop in! Details follow.
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Help Sessions

TA Help Sessions/Office Hours are held via the class-specific Microsoft Teams Team. You should see Teams on the sidebar to the left (it may not be available until the official course start date). If you need to chat with the instructor, check the Communication Policy, below.

Listing by Day (all times U.S. Pacific Time, UTC-08:00): Officially Start Week 2

Day Help Session Time and TA name

9 AM - Noon: Eunjin Roh 

8 PM - 10 PM: Jonathan Keller 


10 AM- Noon: Jonathan Keller 


3 PM - 5 PM: Jonathan Keller 


7 PM - 8 PM: Scott Kerlin 


8 AM - 9 AM: Scott Kerlin 


6 AM - 7 AM: Scott Kerlin 


7 PM - 8 PM: Scott Kerlin 

Communication Policy

Please post all course-related questions in the Ed Discussions discussion boards so that the whole class may benefit from our conversations. Not all posts require a reply from the instructor or learning assistants and often it is better for students to work on an answer to a question themselves, helping cement understanding or locate resources to answer questions.

To contact the learning assistants, open Canvas Inbox, compose a new message, select this course, then next to the ‘To’ box click the address book, select “Teaching Assistants”, then choose the name(s) of learning assistants you wish to contact.

Please DM in Teams or email Mr. Kerlin only for matters of a personal or private (grading) nature. The instructor or a learning assistant will reply to most course-related questions within 48 hours.

Please send a Teams message or email to your instructor for matters of a personal nature. I am typically around on Teams throughout much of the day, though I am in the U.S. Central Time Zone.  If you need to schedule a 1 on 1 meeting with me, please try scheduling a meeting through my Scheduler (link) first (Note: same day appointments are unlikely to be available).  If you cannot make any of the available open scheduling slots, please email or Teams message me with at least 3 day/time combinations which work for you and would make sense for the U.S. Central Time Zone as well.

Technical Questions

If you have a technical issue or question when using Canvas, 24/7 support is available in Canvas via chat, phone, or e-mail through the Help link in the menu on your left .

Additional technical support (use of software/browsers) can be accessed through the OSU Computer Helpdesk.

Academic or Student Support Services

For all other academic and student support services, refer to the Student Services link found in the course menu.

The following services are available to all Ecampus students:

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