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Course Introduction

Introduction to the skills and tools necessary to investigate network security. Packet capture, fuzzing, protocol analysis. Introduction to firewalls and intrusion prevention/detection systems.

Prerequisites: CS-372

Meet the Instructors

Scott Kerlin

Communication Policy

Please post all course-related questions in the Ed Discussions discussion boards so that the whole class may benefit from our conversations. Not all posts require a reply from the instructor or learning assistants and often it is better for students to work on an answer to a question themselves, helping cement understanding or locate resources to answer questions.

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Please DM in Teams or email the instructor only for matters of a personal or private (grading) nature. The instructor or a learning assistant will reply to most course-related questions within 48 hours.

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Office Hours Schedule

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Below is a list of the instructional staff and grading assignments.

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Name Role Email Grading range (last name)
Scott Kerlin Instructor (400)  
Ritika Vinayak Rane GTA  

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General Resources

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