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Hello! My name is Tim Alcon and I will be your instructor for CS 321 - Theory of Computation. There won't be any programming - at least not the traditional sort.  This subject is more like discrete math than it is like a regular programming course, even though it's about computation.  Rather, it covers what different models of computation are capable of, and how they relate to each other.













Instructor: Tim Alcon,

TA: Shreya Dhume,

Office hours: You can find these on the Where to go for help page in the Start Here module

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Teams: (a forum for more informal interaction with other students, and also for office hours)


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There is a link to Teams in the left sidebar of Canvas. This forum is for more informal interaction with your fellow students. It is also where TAs and I will hold office hours.


Download JFLAP from this site: and install it on your computer.  During the installation it may tell you that you need to install or update Java also.  There will be videos that teach you how to use JFLAP.

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