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Meet the instructor this term, Dr. Maher Elshakankiri

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The Course Summary (below) will help keep you current on upcoming activities and assignments.

Please use one of the following means to get help in this class


Teams is the best place for class discussions.


ED Discussion:

ED Discussion  is the best place to ask any course-scientific queries. Please post only scientific related questions on ED Discussion so that the whole class may benefit from your conversation. For other enquiries, please email the instructor.


Instructor Contact Information:

Communication Policy

  • Online threaded discussions are public messages, and all writings in this area will be viewable by the entire class or assigned group members. If you prefer that only the instructors see your communication, then use email, and be sure to identify yourself and identify the class in the subject line.
  • Posting of personal contact information is discouraged (e.g. telephone numbers).
  • Your first line of assistance should be to take a break, skim through the book, lectures, notes, and the Internet. If you cannot find the answer yourself after some searching, you should then communicate with your fellow classmates (usually using TEAMS).
  • If you and your classmates cannot find a solution, then asking the TAs or instructor by discussion board (usually using ED Discussion).
  • For any other questions, email is the preferred method ( I will check email somewhat frequently and will respond to course-related questions within 48 hours if possible.


Help Sessions:

You can ask questions to the instructor or teaching assistants (TAs) during their weekly help sessions (send a direct message on Teams)

Maher Elshakankiri:

Tuesday 8:00 - 10:00

Peiyuan Chen: 

Thursday 18:00 - 20:00
Sunday 18:00 - 20:00



Please follow the tutoring information below if you need any tutoring help: to an external site.

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We will use Canvas for delivery of the course material, submission of written assignments, exam environment, announcements, discussion groups, and grade center.

Course Summary:

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