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Computing power is everywhere, even in the palms of our hands, in the form of "smart phones." In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of cross-platform mobile application development using Flutter, a modern, high-performance SDK by Google. Whether targeting Android or iOS, you'll explore how to use the Flutter toolchain, workflow, widgets, the Dart programming language, and Dart packages to create compelling mobile applications that run on any device. 

Course Syllabus

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Grading or Regrading

We will attempt to grade the assignments within 7 days of the due date. For questions related to grading or regrading please directly email the TA who graded your assignment. TA's are assigned to grade assignments based on student last names as follows:

Student's last name Grader
Abdullah-Goetsch Bikram
Goodwin-Neukam Jack
Nguyen-Zhu Neha

You can request a regrade on an assignment by contacting your grader within 48 hours of receiving your grade. Include what points were taken off and why you feel your assignment/project does in fact meet the requirements you were penalized for not meeting.

When requesting a regrade the grade will NEVER be lower than when you made the request, unless we discover a case of academic dishonesty during the regrade. We will not lower a grade for finding something else wrong. That said, please note that while reviewing your request we discover we made a mistake in taking points but also made a mistake in not deducting points it is possible your grade will remain the same.

Assignment Extensions, Escalated Grading Questions & General Course Info

For Assignment extensions, escalated grading questions, and other general course information, please email the instructor.

Assignments & Course Content

Ask questions about assignments and course content, on the Ed Discussion Board, as opposed to direct messages to myself or the TAs, in order to help make these questions and answers available to everyone. You will also get an answer to your question far faster by posting in the Ed Discussion Board than by emailing or sending a private message, as there are more than a hundred people looking at those discussion boards.

Personal Questions

For personal questions, you can email the instructor from your OSU email account or via private posts on the Ed Discussion board for the instructors.

Office Hours & Real-Time Communication

We will conduct office hours using Microsoft Teams using the Team created for this course. The times for office hours are listed on the course homepage.

You can also ask questions of other students on Teams. However, if the instructors or the TAs are not on Teams when the question is asked, don't count on us reading the scroll back to find a question you asked earlier: your primary method for getting help is still Ed.


If you email me or the TAs, use your OSU email account. You must put CS492 in the subject line, or else we may miss it.

Response Time

We will strive to respond to email and Ed Discussion posts within two business days. We will aim to have the assignments graded within 7 days of the due date. Please note that we may not be accessible over the weekend and on holidays.

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