Course Syllabus


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Link to live spring 2021 syllabus (with schedule) Link (Google Doc)(or as a PDF: CS312 Syllabus(31March2021).pdf )

Contacting the instructor — Ed Discussion or Teams are the best place to contact the assistants for asking non-personal questions about the course.  For private (e.g. grade questions) communications, the instructor is available by email or Teams.

Contacting the TAs — To contact the TAs directly, open Canvas Inbox, compose a new message, select this course, then next to the ‘To’ box click the address book, select “Teaching Assistants”, then choose the name(s) of TAs you wish to contact.  Alternately you can message them on Teams.

Office Hours are held via Slack MS Teams (link to spring 2021 CS312 Teams team) use code h4kigrf if needed.

Teams - How To: link to page with directions

Discussion boards will be through Ed Discussion (link to spring 2021 CS312 Ed Discussion instance) unless MS Teams works better...

Monday Jun (TA) in lab 2-350, 4-550 Joseph online ~10-11
Tuesday Joseph online ~10-11
Wednesday Joseph online ~10-11
Thursday Joseph online ~10-11
Friday Jack (TA) in lab 9-1050, 4-550 Joseph online ~10-11


Resources - These resources will be useful for all of your classes throughout the term...  Library Information, Helpdesk Contact Info, Canvas Tech Support, etc...

Canvas Accessibility Information

Introductory Materials

  • You can also get in contact with us on Slack or Piazza and we can chat about our backgrounds!
  • Instructor Introduction

    Watch the video above to meet the course instructor.
  • Student Resources

    Links to Disabilities Services, The Valley Virtual Library, OSU Computer Helpdesk, and MORE!

Course Summary:

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